Testimonials for Transformational Breathing

It was an important reminder of how breath can reconnect one to the physical body. I personally can be a very ‘heady’ person and to be reminded of the magnificent workings of the physical body and how body and mind are so interconnected is critical to happiness  It was also a reminder of a greater connection to the Universe, not to sound cliché 🙂 Afterwards I felt revitalized and positive and a little melted like after a sauna, in a good way.

JH, Basel

I could feel the effect of the oxygen flow into my body. Also in the session afterwards I could feel first the tingling and paralyzing of my fingers and tingling in my face. When you touched my inactive places, I could feel tension let go and the breath flowing easier, until I felt a circular wave of breathe going through me. The A-sound was there in my mind, before you asked me to make a sound and I could feel a lot of pain and sadness flow out of me, while I was making the sound. Then tears were flooding out of me and I could feel a point of deep sadness in my chest. It felt like a wound emptying.

AST, Basel

After the session I felt very calm and happy and warm. And I could feel determination, awareness and motivation rising inside of me. Even a few days later now, I can feel happiness and trust like I used to, when I was a teenager.

DM, Basel

I was lifted up into a defined space of light, sun and gold and absolute beauty. And I definitely knew this was me! For me it was the ultimate experience so far in my life (although rather short). Simply by breathing, I am able now to get rid of bad feelings immediately (during the whole day). In short,: my life is different now. And it seems to last (if I do my 100 breaths daily).

DB, Basel

I have already heard that TB was a unique experience, but I did not know what it was. However, it exceeded my expectations.

JE, Basel