The Emotion Code

What is the Emotion Code?

At a training course by Dr. Nelson, 2017

“Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson after more than 20 years as a holistic healer and teacher, The Emotion Code helps you alleviate physical pain, heal emotional wounds, restore love to relationships, and break through the blocks that are sabotaging you so you can live the life you were meant to live.”  – Discover Healing

The Emotion Code aims to identify and release blocks originating from hidden or trapped emotions (emotions we have ignored or hidden from our conscious thoughts) that restrict or reduce the balanced flow of energy throughout the body. These blocks may be a cause of one’s (your) physical or emotional distress or difficulty.

Dr. Bradley Nelson (USA) describes these emotions as ‘energy balls’ (small to large) that literally reside in different locations of the body. Unlike many techniques, Dr. Nelson believes that the emotions must be named so that they can knowingly be released. Uncovering them is helped by the method known as kinesiology, or muscle testing. It is easy to do, can be learned so that you can do it for yourself and is accomplished without pain or major effort. The time to identify and release an emotion is amazing quick and simple.

A core part of the Emotion Code is to release what is called the ‘Heart Wall’. It is composed of emotions that have served us well in the past to protect ourselves – but they are no longer necessary for our well-being and reduce our ability to relate to others, or even ourselves. Each person’s Heart Wall (and almost everyone has one, in the beginning) is different and relates to when we first began to build it (usually at a young age), whether it is hidden (even from yourself) or not and several other factors that we discover together. Releasing a Heart Wall usually leaves the person feeling lighter with a feeling of openness and gratitude.