How Transformational Breathing Works

When we focus on the breath, our attention is drawn away from all other thoughts; our conscious mind becomes quiet.


Transformational Breath® works primarily through a process called entrainment, which suggests that any pattern of a lower vibrational energy when exposed to a higher vibration will automatically seek to approximate that higher vibrational rate.

Activated Energetic States

Through connected, open-mouthed circular breathing and use of affirmations, movement and toning, the client is “activated” into this higher energetic state; thus, encouraging transformation of old energy patterns.

Open Breath

Breathing is a physiologically process over which we have some voluntary control. Since the body continues to breathe on its own even when we are not consciously aware of it, we tend to take our breath for granted. Unfortunately, restricted and shallow breathing patterns are common and often a learned response triggered by emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, pain and stress. The more our breathing shuts down, the more we are cut off from our primary source of energy. Our mental and emotional states suffer. And we are no longer bringing in all the oxygen needed for healthy, nourished cells or releasing all of the toxins necessary for optimal health.

Affects Three Levels

The first level has to do with opening and clearing restricted breathing patterns and learning how to breathe more effectively and easily. Most people only receive a small percentage of their air capacity. As we open and expand our breathing, we have more energy and support for the body’s natural healing abilities.

Level two effectively works on healing traumas and negativity in the subconscious mind. This includes old unexpressed emotions, negative beliefs, old tapes and past memories all of which are stored on both a cellular and subconscious level. These feelings were originally repressed through restriction of the breath. By opening the breath, these stored patterns can be eliminated and released.

Once the subconscious begins to clear it then creates an opening to the higher subconscious, which is the level of soul or spiritual awareness. This enables us to utilize the third level of Transformational Breath®, which is consciously connecting with our higher aspects of Being on a conscious level.