The Origins of BIOstimula

After a rafting accident that left the left side of my face partially paralyzed, I became interested in ways to stimulate face muscles. As part of my education I was a speech pathologist, so I already knew quite a lot. I began developing face exercises and, at the same time, came across a machine that could stimulate the muscles. It was used cosmetically. I learned about it, got trained for it, purchased my own equipment and opened BIOstimula. At the same time, I developed the world’s first interactive CD (software by Andrew Mortlock in Australia and design by Lucky Lack in Basel).

I also invented Face Tapes with my brother, Michael, to reduce facial lines. We did not have enough funding and so that project didn’t make it to market.

My very first clients were those seeking to look younger or maintain how they looked. This brought me into the world of treatments for beauty. It also reminded me of body issues.

This brought me to the idea to include a technique called LPG, which was known as Endermolgy or LipoMassage. It employed a piece of equipment used to contour the body by stimulating the fat cells.

This brought me to the major issue of diet. I was once very overweight. I decided to apply my personal experience, knowledge and part of my education (psychology) to address issues relating to eating management. Thus, BIOstimula expanded to include fCR (fat cell reduction) – a combination of counseling and oral (or injected) hCG and a food supplement program called Force Vital.

However, I quickly realized that all of the external treatments would not work without clients embracing “change” – change that was more internal (mental/emotion). This led me to seek support techniques. I launched full-on into programs that aimed to release and balance emotions (Quantum Entrainment, Neuro Modulation Technique, NMT Universal Care, The Journey [Brandon Bays], Transformational Breath [Dr. Judith Kravitz] and several others).

One final addition, stumbled on while visiting friends in France, was a Chinese method called Guasha, for which I took short courses in France and London, UK. It is a technique for encouraging healthier immune system, reduced inflammation but mainly for and managing muscle and joint pain.

Today, I have ultimately landed on the technique most suited to me and the needs of my clients and that is with the Body Code and Emotion Code (Dr. Bradley Nelson). I continue to provide weight management counseling and breathwork.